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Asian Events is a leading Catering Company & Event Management in Lahore Pakistan and it is quite capable of all handling any type and size of functions including Weddings, Birthday Parties , Social Gatherings and Corporate Functions. Asian Events caters to all classes of the country and many reputed national, multinational organisations. We look after clients every need and offer best services of Event Management, Event Designing, Event Services, Decorator & Catering Services. Contact Us: UAN 03111127426 (Call or Whatsapp)  Instaphone

Our Philosophy

At The Asian Events Company, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand the needs of our clients. From initial consultation to final briefing meetings, we ensure that we understand your vision. At the beginning of our event process, we will work with you to understand your event objectives, desired measurable outcomes and budgetary requirements.
Contact Us: UAN 03111127426 (Call or Whatsapp) Asian Events is a multi-service creative company based in Lahore. We create, design and deliver events of all shapes and sizes throughout Pakistan. We have been putting on extraordinary events for over 10 years and during that time, we’ve got pretty good at it! We have built a dedicated team of experts from the world of Event Management Whether you are a big national or international corporation with a large budget or a small business with limited financial resources, we have the passion, talent and experience to make your event a unique and memorable occasion that you will look back on with pride. Instaphone Contact Us: UAN 03111127426 (Call or Whatsapp)
With our incredibly high standards, creativity, and experience, Asian Events will always exceed your expectations We combine your big ideas with our professionalism, add a generous dash of innovation, and then bring all the details together, using our thorough and methodical approach. The result is a fantastic and memorable event of exceptional quality. With true events expertise on-board, Asian Events can take care of event management to make your job easier and deliver a spectacular result. Instaphone Contact Us: UAN 03111127426 (Call or Whatsapp) Planning a wedding is tough. Planning your own wedding is even tougher! We have seen couples working on their wedding planning more than a year in advance, hoping to achieve their grand dream wedding. Every now and then, things going haywire before and during the wedding, be it delays on the vendors’ side or an unexpected addition to your guest list. All these can contribute to much unnecessary stress on the bride and groom, so why not consider a wedding planner in Pakistan, who has the expertise and years of experience to make your wedding hassle-free and enjoyable? You will be surprised how much help these seasoned wedding planners can offer you. In this issue, we compile a list of 10 wedding planners in Pakistan for a stress-free wedding. Hopefully, this helps to make your dream wedding come true! If these wedding planners have helped make your wedding a lovely one, please do share this article with your friends who may need help with their wedding planning. Contact Us: UAN 03111127426 (Call or Whatsapp)
Instaphone Be it a large milestone event or a small launch, being the best event management company we give the same attention to detail to produce beautifully executed and memorable results.
Digital Marketing & Creative Services
Our digital marketing and creative services arm is the keystone service in our holistic 360 approach to creating original and cutting edge brand stories across all mediums. Instaphone
Brand Building & Communication Design
We work across mediums to produce visually and intellectually effective work for our clients to create an invaluable tailor made language for each roll out. Instaphone

Services and Offering

1) Events: We are the leaders in producing some of the most iconic events both nationwide as well as internationally for our discerning clients. Be it a large milestone event or a small launch, we give the same attention to details to produce beautifully executed and memorable results. Instaphone 2) Digital Marketing & Creative Services: Our digital marketing and creative services arm is the keystone service in our holistic 360 approach to creating original and cutting edge brand stories across all mediums. Whether transforming an existing digital strategy or developing a new plan for the future, we build brands for digital. Instaphone 3) Brand Building & Communication Design: Designing layered brand stories is the key to any bespoke communication design. We work across all mediums to produce effective visuals according to our client needs to create an invaluable tailor-made language for each roll out. Instaphone

Our Work

With our extensive experience & a remarkable team, we will always find a solution to meet your business objectives. Being the best event management company we strive to create high quality and out of the box productions for our clients. Check out our portfolio and see for yourself what makes us stand out. Learn more about our areas of expertise that span across all events, digital marketing and creative brand solutions key sectors. Contact Us: UAN 03111127426 (Call or Whatsapp) Instaphone

1st step: Team of In-House Experts

We’re a perfect blend of creative wizardry who constantly questions, tinkers and challenges to unlock great creativity around every turn.

2nd step: Listening Carefully To Clients Needs

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. Along with our passion and promise to deliver only the best to our clients.

3rd step: Creating Bespoke Solutions

We provide innovative and tailored approach by bringing together the unique skill sets, industry knowledge, and extensive networks of industry experts.

4th step: Seamless Execution

Be it a large milestone event or a small launch, we give the same attention to details to produce beautifully executed and memorable results.

5th step: Produce Quantifiable Results

Instaphone Inspired by passion, driven by results. We aim to deliver quantifiable results with every kind of execution. Welcome to Asian Events Solutions, which is one of the best and leading Event Management Companies in Pakistan. We are having a complete solution for Event Management, Functions Planning, Designing, Decoration and Catering Services or any type of events, which could be a Family Events, like Weddings, Birthday Parties, Get-Together, Family Parties, Corporate Events, Gala Nights, Conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars or any other type of Event. As we are being considered one of the top Event Planner and Event Management Companies in Pakistan. Asian Events Solutions is based in Lahore. We are one of the top. Instaphone Contact Us: UAN 03111127426 (Call or Whatsapp)

Event Management Companies in Lahore

We Provide dedicated, sincerely committed and highly profiled wedding management and events management services, specializing in planning and coordinating luxury weddings for Pakistani families being locally or internationally. We pride ourselves in putting on the bespoke event around Pakistan. Many of our services are provided in-house and are of the highest standards. We have also established strong relationships with specialist suppliers to the Event Management Companies in Lahore and more specifically the wedding industry. We know our suppliers both personally and professionally, therefore we have every faith that impeccable results will be delivered to each of our Overseas Pakistani Families. We love to hear your queries for any of your future related event. ” As we don’t see the sky as the limit” We simply best and unique Weddings Professional for creative and classic wedding ideas.


Event Planning Packages Instaphone

We have Variety of Packages, Which can be customized depending on your Requirements, Interests, Budget Plans and Standards, The Size of your Event (Number of Guests in your Events) also counts the feasibility of An Event’s Ranking. Below Given are Just 3 Formal Options which we are offering based on Specified Standards, which could be taken as final if you are happy with any of them, or if you like to have some changes in them as well that’s also possible. So Please Make sure you understand all of its specifications of services and standards we offer for these packages or Let us Customize Your Event’s Package as per your Choice and Requirements. Contact Us: UAN 03111127426 (Call or Whatsapp)


Wedding is not a day its an emotion for those who play any role in this event and our wedding planners know how to make these emotions memorable.


Since 2006, Evento is elevating standards of event planning in corporate and private sectors of Pakistan and working with famous multinational and national brands.


After 3 years of research we have best chefs from well known restaurants working in our panel nation-wide and thats the biggest reason of our success. Contact Us: UAN 03111127426 (Call or Whatsapp) 1. The Event Brief Instaphone This is your source of information. Get as much details from the clients as possible, such as objectives, key performance indicators, list of requirements, specifications. After receiving the brief, internalize the brief, look for loop holes and see if there are existing campaigns, ideas or concepts to work on and also similar past events to study and improve on. 2. Factors influencing the proposal Instaphone One of the key factor to consider is the type of audience the event is planned for, such as general public, targeted group of people, special interest group or closed door groups as these determine what type of activities, venue and programmes are required. 3. Look and Feel Instaphone Ensure that the look and feel is suitable for the event and aligned to the Corporate Identity. Space and resource planning also affect the visual experience of the audience. Example of space planning involve ample parking space, location for food and snack, or interactive area to involve the audience. Theming your event to drive home key message and have consistency for the event to create higher recall factor for participants. 4. Planning the events Instaphone Knowing the tools to plan and execute an event is critical to the execution of Event. Set up the detailed milestones and deadlines to enable contingency and reaction time during the run up. Ensure client and vendors understand the requirements and responsibilities in detail. Plan by working backwards from event date. Create a event timeline and Gantt Chart to ensure that event runs on time. Division of Tasks. Each team member be given a clear definition of tasks and role, utilizes on the strength or job scope of each individual. Have contingency plans to ensure smooth running of event regardless of Act of God, last minute changes, cancellations or other unforeseen changes to environment. Always remember the Murphy’s Law: What will go wrong will definitely go wrong. Instaphone 5. Marketing the Events What is an event without audience? A good marketing plan will achieve the ultimate goal of your event. How to market? 1) Social Mediamake use of Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube. Tie in activities with social media, using Hashtags #events and using Influencers (eg. YouTubers, famous Social media users, bloggers) 2) Public Relations via Radio interview, online articles, virtual event conference 3) Email Blasts, Advertisements 4) Leverage on Associations with Celebrities & Venue Contact us: Asian Events & Catering Company
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